Live ATC

Location Airport & Type Media Link Radio Quality Traffic Volume Comment
Abilene, TX KABI - Tower Real Audio Abilene, TX, USA [KABI] Very Good Medium GA traffic with a lot of training activity.
Bankstown, Australia YSBK - Tower Real Audio Bankstown, NSW, Australia [YSBK] Poor Low Rather difficult to hear and understand (maybe it's my OZ translator - heheh!)
      Valkenburg Tower, Netherlands      
      Toronto, ON, Canada [CYYZ]      
      San Diego, CA, USA [KSAN]      
      Providence, RI, USA [KPVD]      
      Omaha, NE, USA [KOMA]      
      New York John F. Kennedy, NY, USA [KJFK]      
      Miami, FL, USA [KMIA]      
Chicago, IL KORD - Approach Real Audio Chicago O'Hare, IL, USA [KORD] Good Very High Web Site is down occasionally, but sheer volume of activity is high. Watch out for cutouts. Constant hum in background.
Denver, CO KAPA - Tower, Ground Real Media Denver Centennial Airport, CO, USA [KAPA]   Low Rather quiet field.