Gallery 2 - The AirVenture Show Grounds

The EAA grounds in Oshkosh,WI are just amazing to be on;  One can get lost just in walking through the lines and lines of hundreds of airplanes! Nowhere else on earth can you get up close and personal with thousands of airplanes, large, small, old, new, fast and slow.  The warm August days and nights are perfect for the task at hand.

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06_airventure.JPG (384786 bytes) The Main entrance to EAA - AirVenture 2001 - Oshkosh! IM000300.JPG (82830 bytes) The world's busiest tower. You can listen to an ATIS audio recording here IM000341.JPG (84524 bytes) The kids have a great time riding in the 'space shuttle'
IM000204.JPG (57878 bytes) The grounds are just covered with planes... IM000205.JPG (324902 bytes) Planes lined up to go...check out the lines IM000340.JPG (75297 bytes) Helicopters near the EAA museum
IM000356.JPG (54083 bytes) Planes on the left and right of the grass taxiway IM000213.JPG (460793 bytes) Lines of planes ready to takeoff after the airshows and before the 8pm ATC closure. IM000207.JPG (362481 bytes) Lined up to go 2 at a time
IM000209.JPG (772809 bytes) Formation of jets getting ready for takeoff... IM000210.JPG (599124 bytes) ...and they're off... IM000211.JPG (624805 bytes) ...last two on their way. Great to be 50 feet away!