Gallery 2 - Airshows

I am always interested in a good airshow...however, the closer I am, the better they are!  The EAA Airshows are no exception. Everyday has something different and there is something for everyone.  I don't know every model and type, so pardon my lack of specifics.

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IM000050.JPG (301260 bytes) Formation of WWII fighters IM000245.JPG (547447 bytes) Nothing like a high speed B-1B Bomber flyby IM000246.JPG (613578 bytes) ....and the B-1B is loud!
IM000054.JPG (396315 bytes) Skydiving is more fun in groups IM000057.JPG (279996 bytes) The largest US Flag I have seen in a long time...The crowd sang the anthem as the skydiver floated down IM000055.JPG (410527 bytes) Nice Landing!
IM000047.JPG (291155 bytes) WWII fighters IM000291.JPG (282578 bytes) More fighters in formation IM000292.JPG (262622 bytes) Maybe what a dawn raid on the enemy started out as...
IM000295.JPG (269137 bytes) ...with more of the same IM000296.JPG (293352 bytes) High speed jet flyby IM000298.JPG (252461 bytes) Single jet flyby