Gallery 3 - Military Aircraft

I was not expecting to see as many military aircraft as I did.  I personally prefer commercial planes, but this was great!  The C-17 globelifter was the star of the show...and I got to see it inside and out!  There were several other aircraft and you can take a look below to get a good look at them. Some of the photo's are large 1600x1200 watch out when opening!

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IM000029.JPG (191206 bytes)IM000030.JPG (138758 bytes) The C-17 Globemaster puts on an impressive show... IM000035.JPG (284275 bytes)IM000037.JPG (282281 bytes) Slow, high lift, configuration on a slow flyby IM000036.JPG (299511 bytes) Slow...slow...slowwwww
IM000044.JPG (353595 bytes)IM000041.JPG (348780 bytes) This was amazing...the C-17 landed in 1000ft...REVERSED 1000ft and took off again in 1000ft!  Amazing short field capabilities... IM000045.JPG (389694 bytes)IM000046.JPG (362643 bytes) Another great maneuver...short field landing with an end-of-field turnaround on 100ft wide runway. Keep in mind that this is the size of a B767! IM000048.JPG (607598 bytes) Taxiing off to the central display area...great show.
IM000077.JPG (343562 bytes)IM000318.JPG (389519 bytes) A nice shot of the big some stats IM000322.JPG (80600 bytes)IM000070.JPG (347178 bytes) The engines...Pratt Whitney F117s.  The reverser capabilities are modified for short field landings. IM000072.JPG (382797 bytes)IM000071.JPG (343589 bytes) Nose gear and nose wheel bay
IM000074.JPG (331859 bytes)IM000075.JPG (408498 bytes) Main landing gear and housing IM000079.JPG (345032 bytes)IM000321.JPG (73950 bytes) Left and right views with US Flag flying IM000073.JPG (281991 bytes)IM000319.JPG (78660 bytes) Big, bulbous nose....
IM000064.JPG (283433 bytes)IM000069.JPG (261382 bytes) Time to go in for a 'look-see'. We have to go in through the 'service entrance' IM000067.JPG (351873 bytes)IM000301.JPG (139983 bytes) Cavernous cargo hold. Overhead and internal piping is not covered. Guess Cargo doesn't care! IM000068.JPG (270699 bytes)IM000302.JPG (134497 bytes) Inside of the hatch that allows top-down raising of the flag.
IM000303.JPG (122276 bytes)IM000065.JPG (486956 bytes) Inside panels of the jet IM000304.JPG (404976 bytes)IM000317.JPG (353765 bytes) Loadmaster (only the LM and 2 pilots are required to fly this plane) position and the upper crew rest positions    
IM000314.JPG (387138 bytes)IM000312.JPG (423710 bytes) Yours truly at the controls...note the stick approach instead of the typical large jet yoke IM000315.JPG (504940 bytes)IM000316.JPG (425864 bytes) Completely glass cockpit layout. Note the color and lack of 'soft' finishes to a decidedly military cockpit IM000313.JPG (333504 bytes)IM000311.JPG (410391 bytes) HUD display and a little munchkin who kept appearing in my least you get a sense of the cockpit size!
IM000305.JPG (456414 bytes)IM000308.JPG (474876 bytes) Overhead and center panels IM000310.JPG (470810 bytes)IM000309.JPG (455596 bytes) Overhead circuit breaker and overhead panel IM000306.JPG (357932 bytes)IM000307.JPG (351063 bytes) More circuit breaker panels on the rear walls of the cockpit.
10_mats_connie.JPG (343137 bytes)IM000019.JPG (74360 bytes) The restored M.A.T.S super constellation IM000015.JPG (83727 bytes)IM000018.JPG (67990 bytes) A twin jet IM000016.JPG (69736 bytes) The in-air refueling probe
IM000082.JPG (343381 bytes)IM000083.JPG (347913 bytes) WWII bomber IM000167.JPG (87041 bytes)IM000166.JPG (347461 bytes) I believe this is a Navy AWACS plane IM000190.JPG (96388 bytes)IM000192.JPG (107824 bytes) don't want to mess with this mean looking beast!
IM000252.JPG (330670 bytes)IM000250.JPG (309611 bytes) The Warthog....A10-A Tank killer! IM000078.JPG (345405 bytes)IM000249.JPG (297741 bytes) Jet Fighter IM000169.JPG (91667 bytes)IM000170.JPG (86723 bytes) Another Jet fighter
14_F14_canopy.JPG (49582 bytes)13_F14_gear.JPG (90774 bytes) Up close and personal with a Jet fighter 12_F14_fueltank.JPG (83255 bytes)11_missile_mounting.JPG (78809 bytes) I always wondered how they hook up the bombs and missiles to the you have the answer...lawn chairs! IM000165.JPG (320020 bytes)IM000251.JPG (294363 bytes) The business end of an attack fighter
IM000288.JPG (93772 bytes)IM000289.JPG (78698 bytes) Warbird display 09_nasa_uh2.JPG (338753 bytes)IM000320.JPG (77381 bytes) NASA UH2 - high altitude research aircraft

NASA fighter research plane

IM000290.JPG (89486 bytes)IM000216.JPG (306556 bytes) Some warbirds on the ground...Corsairs??


US Secretary of Transportation - Norm Minetta - aircraft on final.