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While this site is dedicated to the 777 project, I still get involved in various other aviation activities and interests. This section is a gateway into those things that generally interest on line aviation buffs. 

Oshkosh - EAA AirVenture 2001
I made it and I loved it!  Slept 3 nights in a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the middle of a Walmart parking lot, but I made it!  Took a ton of pictures and thought I'd share them here. I do plan to be at the 2002 show, but maybe get a hotel room first!! (if you have one, I'll help pay - if you don't mind snoring!)
- 300 photos from Oshkosh 2001 click here

Coming Soon...
    - Airport Webcams (we all love those... when they work!) I will link up to the better ones on the web.
    - Live ATC links (click on these and enjoy the 'music'!) Not many around, but will link thru to them
    - My flights: REAL flying, as I do during the weekends in my rented Piper Cherokee Archer.  Don't know where I'll go, but you can come along for a ride!
    - Video links: Again, not many on the web, but I'll link to whatever I find. Plus check resources for how to buy.