Welcome back! The site is due to be updated in a few weeks to reflect latest activity. Thanks for stopping by! 

    Plans & Construction: Added the MCP support and received some 19" monitors for the external view.  Click on the 'Plans & Constr' button at the top to navigate to the new pages. Week 4 is the most recent update that has been added. 

    Project Vision: Create a complete operating replica of a Boeing 777 flight deck.  

    With inspiration from several home cockpit builders around the world, I have decided to build a flight deck that would pass for the real thing were it not for the fact that you have to go through my basement to get on board!  

    The focus is on visual, aural and operating fidelity.  An added touch comes from a 'limited motion' moving platform that will drive a real sense of rolling and pitching and perhaps acceleration and deceleration. 

    In order to give back to community that has given me so many ideas, I will attempt to document my efforts on this site.  Realizing that this task is not trivial, I will attempt to put some structure to the web updates so that returning readers know when to expect changes and updates.

    Key points.
A few key elements of the project are laid out below. 

The phases are expected to be completed as follows:

Year 1  2-3 4-5 5-6
Project Phase - Planning & Research, 
- Engineering,
- Parts acquisition
Platform Construction
Cockpit Interior Structure
Main Flight Controls
Panel Building
Wiring & Electrical
Software Configuration
External Shell
Final Assembly & Test

Come back at the next update and I am sure we'll have something for you!