The Real Thing...

Here are a few pictures of the real Boeing 777 Flight Deck.  
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The Glare Shield. 
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GLARE - GlareShield Panel.jpg (12419 bytes)GLARE - Mode Control Panel ( MCP ).jpg (13319 bytes)

GLARE - Captain's End Panel.jpg (12307 bytes)GLARE - Capt EFIS.jpg (157127 bytes)GLARE - MCP.jpg (154284 bytes)GLARE - EICAS + FO EFIS.jpg (157928 bytes)GLARE - First Officer's End Panel.jpg (9161 bytes)

GLARE - FO's Master Warning Lights.jpg (9302 bytes)GLARE - Display Select Panel.jpg (15757 bytes)GLARE - Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS).jpg (21513 bytes)GLARE - Captain's Master Warning Lights + Misc Comm Panel.jpg (11504 bytes)

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