The Real Thing...

Here are a few pictures of the real Boeing 777 Flight Deck.  
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The Power Quadrant. 
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PWRQUAD - Throttle Quadrant J.jpg (41102 bytes)PWRQUAD - Thrust Controls.jpg (24718 bytes)

PWRQUAD - Cursor Control Device (CCD).jpg (12048 bytes)PWRQUAD - Parking brake and Stabilizer Position Indication.jpg (17035 bytes)PWRQUAD - Stabilizer CutOut Switches.jpg (10098 bytes)PWRQUAD - Fuel Control Switch and Fire Warning Lights.jpg (8035 bytes)PWRQUAD - Stab Position indicator and Alternate Flaps Panel.jpg (24849 bytes)PWRQUAD - Throttle Assembly - FO Side.jpg (93812 bytes)

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