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This is the page where we log the news about the site and aviation in general.  Specific news on the planning and construction of the simulator can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link to the left.

Site news generally includes items of interest in the aviation world as well as any site modifications or upgrades. 

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Feb 12 2002 Loaded up my stack of links to resources. Not able to completely describe each one, but will do so for next update.  Still trying to get access to a 777 cockpit to do the necessary measurements and detailed research. Persistence...!
Jan 6 2002 The site updates will be rather slow for the next few months as work is top priority right now. I will try to update the links show you projects that ARE moving :)
Nov 17 2001 Web update will be delayed until December due to work constraints. You can expect updates on the technology and planning locations as well as a lot of resource links.
Oct 8 2001 Added complete photo gallery from "EAA AirVenture 2001 - Oshkosh!" click here
Sep 11 2001 Added our condolences for those that lost their loved ones in the Sept 11 Tragedy
Sep 1 2001 Published initial website with introduction
Aug 25 2001 Loaded initial website content