Construction Update

Week 1

This week marked the beginning of actual construction of the simulator!  After many months of planning, collecting data, parts and drooling over other simulators being built...I decided to go ahead with construction. 

This week focused on the construction of the sim platform. Originally planned as an aluminum structure (for weight reasons), I have decided to build the platform out of wood...with the idea that it can be replaced at a later date with an aluminum structure when the motion base is built.  I don't expect to do that for many no worries.

Drawings: Not Available

Dimensions:  7'x7'x6"  (213.5cm x 213.5cm x 15cm)


106-0611_IMG.JPG (307809 bytes) SIM HEADQUARTERS! - The basement corner so graciously 'given' to me by my wife...thanks sweety! 

106-0612_IMG.JPG (307148 bytes) The key is to have a vision...we start with a storage space...CLEAN IT UP, then...

106-0616_IMG.JPG (464818 bytes) ...Add a HUGE full size poster of the final objective (Buy from Sporty's - - for only $39.95 link.)

106-0613_IMG.JPG (377209 bytes) This is some of the initial hardware and parts required. All were available from The Home Depot.

106-0614_IMG.JPG (270680 bytes) The layout of the 2x4 and 2x6 members. The idea is to have a raised platform with supporting crossmembers. Keep it light but strong.

106-0617_IMG.JPG (337583 bytes) In Progress...after adding the full size poster...really makes the job much more inspiring!

106-0618_IMG.JPG (361388 bytes) Note the gaps left on the lower left and upper right of the base...this is to allow access to wires, bolts, etc

106-0619_IMG.JPG (396443 bytes) With the platform sheet attached. Rather evidenced by my ability to lift it up for the photo shot!

106-0620_IMG.JPG (333831 bytes) The finished product!  The cockpit will sit in the middle of the platform, with the video monitors at the far end, and the Captain's seat on the left.

Reflections. (this is where I sit on my work stool and stare at my creation for a few long minutes and visualize flying through the air in the finished product...I usually am covered in sweat, sawdust, blood and pizza crust...but I am in 'the zone'!  I also admit my failings to myself, and try to learn for the next phase of the project...or just blow it off and keep moving!)

- This platform looks cool!

- 7' by 7' seems big, but EVERYTHING needs to fit on this thing. I hope I wasn't too stingy on the space..

- The final weight of this device will exceed 1000lbs. I hope it holds up!

- Final thought...the project is FINALLY on it's way!   A lot of planning and thinking doesn't mean squat when you don't execute!

See you next week!