Construction Update

Week 2

Time to get some REAL construction underway!  I am beginning with the center pedestal. This will 'center' (pun intended) the structure and is probably the most forgiving structure in the cockpit to build. It is basically a set of boxes that are just very cool!

As we are going with a wood structure, I have several options to consider around the type of wood, fasteners, finish, etc. My standard will be basic pine for the support frame with smooth finish 1/4" plywood on the sides and 3/8" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the top panel sections. 

So...let's see how far we get this weekend!....

Drawings: (n/a)

Dimensions: (n/a)


106-0621_IMG.JPG (329189 bytes)  First thing is to lay out the basic shape of the pedestal using the base. 

106-0622_IMG.JPG (318746 bytes) I then duplicate the base shape using slightly smaller pieces. This will form the top part of the structure

106-0623_IMG.JPG (338540 bytes) Lay them side by side to compare

106-0624_IMG.JPG (306702 bytes) The Power Quadrant and CDU/FMC section had to be built with an angle in the middle of the Power Quad (for the CCD Controls) and an upward angle on the CDU/FMC segment, as in the actual aircraft

106-0625_IMG.JPG (345498 bytes) Connect the top frame with the bottom frame using 1 1/2" pieces. I used drywall screws (my favorite fastener!) to connect the various pieces. I am no carpenter - no time for 'dove joints' and 'glue'!

106-0626_IMG.JPG (359377 bytes) The finished frame. The 45 degree angle pieces at the rear are a PAIN to measure and build. Several errors along the way...but nothing a saw and some anger won't solve!

106-0627_IMG.JPG (358994 bytes) The frame is built to separate I can get this beast out of the basement some day!

106-0628_IMG.JPG (311954 bytes) The MDF top panels are cut to measure. They lie perfectly covering the frame. I will add the seating frame parts later.

106-0629_IMG.JPG (331715 bytes) The semi-finished pedestal. Still a lot of work to do...but good enough for this week!

Reflections. (this is where I sit on my work stool and stare at my creation for a few long minutes and visualize flying through the air in the finished product...I usually am covered in sweat, sawdust, blood and pizza crust...but I am in 'the zone'!  I also admit my failings to myself, and try to learn for the next phase of the project...or just blow it off and keep moving!)

- I did not build in the 'overhang' piece of the pedestal. If you look carefully at a real 777, the rear part has a 1" indented base that goes about 2" high around the whole rear. I don't think it makes a less place to lose a screw!

- The structure will make a great place to put electronics and power supplies.

- This thing looks like a coffin...for a small person with a rather large head!

See you next week!