Construction Update

Week 4

This week, I managed to build the MCP glareshield support and also received my new 19" external view monitors!  While the long term plan is for an external view that has a 200 degree field of vision, the 3 monitors will do for the interim.  The MCP support is based on my Aerosoft MCP 747 unit that I purchased a while ago, and I expect to receive the corresponding EFIS and EICAS units in the next few weeks.

Drawings: (n/a)

Dimensions: (n/a)


106-0654_IMG.JPG (294033 bytes)  MCP support. This is measured to fit the Aerosoft MCP 747 unit with EICAS and EFIS. Not a 777 unit, but it works just fine!

106-0657_IMG.JPG (290909 bytes) Front View. The supports segment out the EFIS and EICAS from the MCP panel.

106-0655_IMG.JPG (290431 bytes) Top View

106-0656_IMG.JPG (311522 bytes) Bottom view. The brown hardboard was selected because it is rigid and thin, and doesn't add extra thickness to the MCP. I will reinforce with aluminium cross bars later

106-0673_IMG.JPG (290231 bytes) The MCP housing has to project out from the main panel about 18". It has to stand on it's own and so I used a much longer piece of wood in the back to screw it to the front (physical forward) of the cockpit so it can be self-supporting.

106-0671_IMG.JPG (351459 bytes) View after attaching to the support beams.

106-0674_IMG.JPG (254356 bytes) View from the Captain's seat. Notice how the main instrument panel is independent from the MCP support. Both are removeable independently.

106-0675_IMG.JPG (342798 bytes) Ahhhh...sliding in the Aerosoft MCP unit. Fits perfectly!

106-0676_IMG.JPG (301590 bytes) MCP all the way in.  Still need to fit in the EFIS and EICAS when they get here.

106-0651_IMG.JPG (362492 bytes) Ok...changing gears a monitors. 3x 19" and 1x 17". The 19" units will be for the outside front display and I'll use the 17" for something...maybe FMC or lower MFD.

106-0653_IMG.JPG (299701 bytes) Not a flat screen...but a big screen. 

106-0667_IMG.JPG (357146 bytes) Set up the monitor platform on top of the cockpit main instrument section.  Monitors are huge...but fit just fine. 

106-0666_IMG.JPG (318446 bytes) Our end point for this week. Monitors laid out and the MCP in it's new holder. Still a lot to do..but we're getting there!

Reflections. (this is where I sit on my work stool and stare at my creation for a few long minutes and visualize flying through the air in the finished product...I usually am covered in sweat, sawdust, blood and pizza crust...but I am in 'the zone'!  I also admit my failings to myself, and try to learn for the next phase of the project...or just blow it off and keep moving!)

- I really struggled with how to set up the external view. I want to end up with a 200 degree (or greater) field of vision to enhance the experience, but my cost estimates are rather high for that part of the project. The 19" monitors will have to do...and from my initial tests with a parhelia 3 monitor video card...they will work just fine for now!

See you next week!