Welcome to the Plans and Construction Home!

This page will lead you to the various areas of the sim as they are designed or constructed. 

Click on the "Construction Update" at left to follow the construction of the simulator.

Shortly, the "Plans and Drawings" link will be operational with various documents used in the construction of the simulator.

The diagram below indicates the major areas of the real 777 cockpit. Not all will be constructed in this simulator, but the majority will be.

These are the major panels in the flight deck:

- P1 left forward panel

- P2 center forward panel

- P3 right forward panel

- P5 overhead panel

- P7 glareshield panel

- P8 aft aisle stand panel

- P9 forward aisle stand panel

- P10 control stand

- P11 overhead circuit breaker panel

- P13 left sidewall panel

- P14 right sidewall panel

- P18 MAT/second observer panel

- P55 glareshield center panel

- P61 overhead maintenance panel.