Aviation Hardware Resources

The authenticity of the cockpit is generally increased with the use of actual aircraft cockpit parts. However, one must be fairly resourceful to obtain them without buying the whole plane!  They are not cheap, but good deals come along every so often. 
You can also purchase simulated parts and components from various sources. They are listed below

(This is still being worked on, but feel free to check the links out on your own.)

Resource Type Link Description
Real Hardware & Parts Aircraft Spruce [768039]  
Real Hardware & Parts Aviators World - Parts  
Real Hardware & Parts B & J AIRCRAFT  
Real Hardware & Parts Barnstormers International  
Real Hardware & Parts Boneyard 2U Home  
Real Hardware & Parts Ebay Aviation Instruments parts and panels  
Simulated Hardware Aerosoft Australia 747-400 MCP  
Simulated Hardware Elan Training Equipment  
Simulated Hardware Flight Simulator Analog Instruments and Hardware  
Simulated Hardware AGT  
Simulated Hardware Cockpit Simulations  
Simulated Hardware Command Flightware  
Simulated Hardware Flight Link Aviation Training Devices - Fixed Wing Products  
Simulated Hardware Hardwar for flight simulators  
Simulated Hardware Joystick interfaces and projects  
Simulated Hardware Precision Flight Controls, Inc. - PAL Programmable Active Link