Other Cockpits 

This is where the majority of ideas and motivation comes from!  Everyone here has either BUILT or DESIGNED a cockpit that has influenced the 777Project.  
Some projects are designated "Active" (some movement in the last 60 days) or "Other" (completed or no web info for a while). I check the active projects weekly and the other ones monthly.  
Also included are lists of cockpits on other sites (not all cockpit projects apply to my project, so you may find some that are of interest to you on the lists) and the Forums (or is it 'fora') that contain a wealth of wisdom and fun from the other players in this field.

(This is still being worked on, but feel free to check the links out on your own.)

Resource Type Link Description
Active Project 737 - James Price  
Active Project 737NG - Yu  
Active Project 747-200 - Steve  
Active Project 747-400 - Matt Sheil  
Active Project 767 - Deltaflight KY  
Active Project 777 Cockpit - Prather  
Active Project A320 - Bethke  
Active Project A320 - Peter Cos  
Active Forum AVSIM SIMPIT Forums  
Other Project 737 - Bob  
Other Project 737 - Chris Benton  
Other Project 737 - Mario Aguirre  
Other Project 737-200 David Allen  
Other Project 737-300 Matt Ford  
Other Project 747-400 Project J  
Other Project 747-400 Univ Newcastle  
Other Project 757_767 Kevin Saker  
Other Project 777 project Ingmar  
Other Project A320 - Horst Maron  
Other Project A320 project - AU  
Other Project A340 Project  
Other Project B777 - Japan  
Other Project Boeing-777 home build cockpit  
Other Project Cockpit Procedure Trainer - KLM  
Other Project F-15C Eagle Flight Simulator Project  
Other Project F16 Cockpit Project  
Other Project F18 - Brian  
Other Project F18 - Matt Weitlspach  
Other Project Fighter Cockpit Simulator  
Other Project Force Feedback Yoke System  
Other Project MD11 Thomas  
Other Project Panel - peter Holt  
Other Project SAAB 340 - FSP  
Other Project Simcraft Home Page  
Other Project The Delta Kilo Project  
Other Project Worldflight Australia  
List of Projects Derek's Cockpit Links  
List of Projects EPIC Projects  
List of Projects Simpits