What is the Goal?

    "Success is defined as reaching your objective".

    So, what are our objectives?  

    1. Visual Fidelity
            "Visual fidelity" is just another way of saying "Looks like the real thing"!  To get an idea of what the
             'Real Thing' looks like, we have put several pages of photos together to demonstrate what
             everything looks like. 
                  Flight Deck Overview  Overhead Panels  Glare Shield  Main Panel  Power Quadrant  Aisle Stand

                To understand what the full cockpit looks like...take a look a this 360 degree view of the 777 cockpit
                   (requires Quicktime Player)

    2.  Aural Fidelity
            "Aural Fidelity" means the simulator "Sounds like the real thing"!  Hard to describe, but let me say
             that the objective is to immerse the pilot in the everyday real sounds of a operating 777.  
            Here are some:
                'Wind' in the cockpit of a cruising 777  Sound in the cabin of a 777  400hz electrical supply   Engine turbine sound  Air traffic control

    3. Operating Fidelity
            Very simply - works like the real thing!  Every button, switch and light will command the simulator
            to do what is done in a real 777. The ability to replicate the responses will rely heavily on software
            programming, and the interface will rely heavily on creative construction and design. 

    Well, there it is.  In addition we want to 'feel' like you are in a 777 and so we will put the whole flight deck on a 'limited motion' platform.  Limited motion means 20 degrees of pitch and roll.  Using a pneumatic or electric actuator system, we intend to give the motion 'cues' that make you 'feel' like you are descending, turning and taking off.  Obviously, we won't get 'Full' motion...but this is not the objective. 

    Now, the great thing about setting objectives, besides being flexible :-)  is that you can be aggressive...so that if you just hit 90% of the objective, the results will still be stunning!